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What can help small businesses deal with the Covid-19 reality

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Stay connected

The lack of motivation and encouragement might be critical for a business owner during these hard times. Therefore becoming a member of a community of fellow entrepreneurs is an excellent idea. Staying connected with other business owners who are at the same spot as you will be supportive and inspiring. You can exchange your experience and might even build a strong partnership.

It’s also important to stay in touch with your customers and keep them updated. No matter what type of business you are, your audience wants to hear from you. Post updates on social media channels, via email or on your website.

Think about how your business can help your clients to adapt to the new conditions. Maybe you have a convenient planner to schedule ф daily routine for those who work from home? Or an app that will help a schoolchild in studying math? Consider sharing with your audience.

Help if you can

If your business can produce hand sanitizers, face masks or in any other way help in fighting with the virus – do so. Don’t force your brand into the places where it does not belong though. Reach out to your audience with a poll, for example, and ask them if there is a way you can help.

Go online

The lockdown has forced people to spend more time online. It’s your opportunity to reach your audience with meaningful content that will resonate with them. Don’t miss your chance to build stronger bonds with people you consider as your potential customers.

We're here to help

We understand the difficulties business has to face today. The pandemic has changed the way companies operate and communicate with their clients. We all need time to adapt to the new reality, that’s why Revci offers a free Basic pricing plan. It has all the essential features that will help you to receive feedback from customers and manage your online reputation. This plan is free forever, but you can always upgrade it to a Pro version in your private cabinet.



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