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How Revci works

Scan QR to write review

Customer scans QR code with a mobile phone to write a review at your location. Revci platform allows the user to add audio recording and attach photos and videos to the review.

Receive instant notifications

You will instantly receive a notification about a new review via a mobile app. You can reply directly in the app to a customer who is still at your location.


Even unhappy customers are now satisfied more than ever. You are in control of your business even when you are not around.


95% of unhappy customers will return to your business if an issue is resolved quickly and efficiently.

National Association for Retail Marketing Services

Unique features inside the platform


Have a full overview of your business from the dashboard statistics

Monitor your customer relationship via a simple to navigate dashboard. Access key insights that help to enhance your business performance.


Сontrol your business with multiple locations

Create your first QR code with our easy to use tool and customize it to match your company style. Apply different QR codes for all your locations and assign responsible users.

Mobile App

Receive new reviews via Revci mobile app

Be notified on the go about your latest reviews. Revci mobile app makes it simple to be in charge of your business in real time. Manage your notifications based on the review star rating.


Celebrate your hard work with Revci

When you reach significant milestones or little internal achievements with us, you will receive digital awards. Accomplish great results every day and move to the new heights with your team.


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3 things to know about Revci before getting started

All reviews stay within Revci and will never go public.


Revci is not another platform that collects reviews. We help to identify problems in your business and enhance the customer experience.


We care about privacy. Your data belongs to you.


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Read what clients say about Revci

I have been using for a few months now and can say that it has been the best service enhancements I made in the past year. It works very intuitive and is one of the most user-friendly interfaces out there. I have implemented this among all my staff, and they know how to use it without any explanation!

Sean Lawson.

Restaurant Administrator

The dashboard is user friendly on both mobile (app) and desktop. Easy to pick up and start using from day 1 without any training. Also super convenient to set up your account online. From an organization and communication standpoint, I highly recommend it! I almost halved the amount of public negative reviews!

Isabelle Vannier.

Online Store Owner

I love using Revci! Really useful tool overall and it's great that you can customize your QR codes into any design you like. I also like that you can add users when I am not around and still receive all the notifications about what is happening at the branch. Would recommend it to everyone who is interested in perfect service.

Jacob Moore.

Bank Branch Manager

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